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The Volkswagen golf GTI has gone down in folklore. It’s a legend regarded international, although now not each generation has been pretty the hit enthusiasts would possibly have wanted. because the cost of living creeps up, Volkswagen is keen to remind us all that the smaller Polo has a version with the identical badge through giving it a mid-lifestyles facelift and, with 207hp, it guarantees to be just as a good deal fun as the golf.

At a Glance

It’s been round some time, solidifying its popularity as a thoroughly realistic hot hatch, but Volkswagen has breathed new life into the Polo GTI with a facelift that keeps it clean. There are a few delightful contemporary touches across the the front of the automobile, which include a pair of LED lighting fixtures that squint through intakes within the bumper. The maximum apparent is the LED mild bar and matching purple stripe that runs throughout the automobile’s width.

Everything else remains as it does on the thoroughly sensible Polo, so you get a good amount of space, a decent-sized boot, solid build quality and easy driving characteristics that make motoring a cinch.

Key Features

An innocuous button by using the gear selector has a image of a car with ‘MODE’ written on it. It won’t appearance lots, but it substantially changes the auto’s character.

Press it, and also you’ll switch from everyday to game. This turns the entirety up, despite the fact that not pretty to 11. The guidance gets heavier to simulate greater experience, and the throttle reaction is sharper. the automatic gearbox holds onto gears longer and shifts down a ratio in advance. You’ll also release extra noise.

Press it, and you’ll switch from ordinary to sport. This turns the whole thing up, despite the truth that not pretty to 11. The steerage receives heavier to simulate extra revel in, and the throttle reaction is sharper. the automatic gearbox holds onto gears longer and shifts down a ratio in advance. You’ll additionally release extra noise.

Performance & Drive

That short stubby bonnet hides a 2.0-litre petrol engine that produces 207hp, so forget about saving the planet with an eco-friendly hybrid or EV. This is old-school, big-engine-small-car territory, with that power and 320Nm of torque promising entertaining performance.

The numbers back that up, with 0-62mph promised in 6.five seconds. with out some high-priced timing gear and a available runway, it’s tough to say how accurate that is, but the feeling inside the seat indicates Volkswagen might also were a bit pessimistic.

All that force is going to the the front wheels thru an 8-pace automatic gearbox, allowing perfectly timed modifications as you take hold of the next equipment. Foot down, don’t raise, pull lower back the paddle, and preserve going.

best it doesn’t pretty work like that. Even while you’ve taken over manual control, the computers will often override you, choosing the next equipment earlier than you really want it. switch to sport mode, and it still steps in while it thinks you want assist. It takes what can be a profitable and concerning force and shatters the illusion, suggesting that some software program engineers in Germany realize higher.


Volkswagen is trying to modernise, nicely, the whole thing. throughout all of its manufacturers, it’s introducing touch-sensitive panels instead of buttons and dials, and it’s worse for it. long gone are the easy-to-use controls on the steering wheel, changed by a hint-sensitive panel with haptic comments that leaves you uncertain of what you’re doing unless you appearance away from the street. The same is real of the heater controls, that are now a pair of fiddly contact-touchy sliders. Switching from an iPhone to an Android would be much less painful. not the entirety needs to be ‘progressed’.

Criticism over. The rest of the cabin is lovable. There’s an touchscreen inside the centre, surrounded by a ambitious pink blade that runs the cockpit width. It’s a hint of visual excitement that hints at the GTI you’re in without being too lairy.

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