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We’ve were given used to the Renault Clio going thru greater costume changes than Madonna. From now not-so-subtle nostril jobs to complete ameliorations, every new version has had a fashion of its own.

consider our wonder, then, whilst we saw this present day Clio to find that the French manufacturer has definitely opted for evolution rather than revolution. That stated, the previous generation of this popular small vehicle changed into more glamorous and applicable than its realistic predecessor, so why mess with it?

It’s most effective in reality while you see the cutting-edge model along the preceding one that you be aware the bigger front grille and C-formed daylight hours jogging lights that carry it into line with the relaxation of the Renault range. if you whip out a tape degree, you’ll see that it’s a little shorter, a hint lower and pretty a bit wider, giving it a greater athletic shape general.

Performance & drive

Engine, 0-60mph and gearbox

With the TCe ninety engine fitted, the Renault Clio has a similar amount of energy to our favorite model of the Volkswagen Polo, the TSI 95, and also you’d count on to make it experience just as punchy on the street. alas, though, it doesn’t, and its lower torque output approach it doesn’t perform as well from low revs so that you have to work the engine hard to make development.

In reality, even as the Polo will sprint from zero-62mph in 10.8sec, it’ll take you some other seconds to try this equal dash in the Clio. That’s now not to mention that it lacks the electricity for A-avenue overtakes, you just have to make certain the engine is spinning beyond 5000rpm. The Seat Ibiza and the Polo are a long way extra flexible, and therefore less complicated to power.


Pitch the Clio into a corner swiftly and also you’ll locate that frame lean is kept nicely under manipulate, yet there’s little experience of amusing to be had from riding it down a winding u . s . a . street in a spirited way. The Ford Fiesta is the automobile to move for if driver amusement is what you are searching out.

The guidance feels a piece indistinct and you have to turn the wheel a little extra than you’d count on whilst manoeuvring at gradual speeds. It in no way gives a brilliant experience of connection to the front wheels, either, although selecting the game mode wherein equipped (it’s standard on all however access-stage Evolution trim), does upload weight to the helm for an additional little bit of reassurance.


If you try to shy away from a standstill at low revs with the TCe ninety petrol engine, you’ll word some vibration through the Clio’s steerage wheel, pedals and gearlever. The gearshift itself is hampered by an excessively big gearknob, which isn’t mainly cozy to hold, and 5th tools requires a planned hand before it engages, but the gearstick is excessive within the centre console for easy attain.

Within the E-Tech hybrid, there’s a piece of motor whine whilst it’s running on strength, but when the petrol engine chimes in it does so with barely a murmur and is smoother than the hybrid Toyota Yaris. The E-Tech engine is quiet whilst accelerating, best getting vocal when you virtually push it.

The brakes experience quite sensitive, however you get used to them quick. There’s quite a variety of wind noise at higher speeds in all models, and that mixed with the vibrations coming from the engines could make for a barely tiresome using experience.

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