With a little planning in the fall, you can have a gorgeous spring display to enjoy next spring. Carefully layer bulbs for the spring, then top with fall flowers in pots for enjoyment during both seasons. Here’s everything you need to know about overwintering and planting bulbs in pots now.

Tulips and other bulbs may be the last thing on your mind at this time of year. However, if you take a little time now to plant a variety of spring-flowering bulbs in pots and planters , I bet you will be pleased as punch that you did!

I recently moved into a new home this fall. Since I’m starting a garden from scratch all over again, I really have spring on my mind. I want to ensure that my first spring in the new home is a good one!

Bulbs always have a way of cheering me up after what feels like a never-ending winter. While my current space doesn’t have garden beds where I can plant bulbs, I knew I could grow some in containers. So I got to work planting bulbs and topping them with fall flowers in pots for an epic display for both fall and spring !

When you get to enjoy containers filled with cheery tulips, irises, crocuses, muscari, and more this spring, you’ll be delighted you took the time this fall.

Keep reading and learn how to plant and overwinter spring flowering bulbs in pots this fall. In this post, we’ll cover:

Fall is the Perfect Time to Prepare for Spring

Spring. It’s often the absolute last thing on my mind when I’m enjoying my pumpkin spice latte and harvesting rose hips. But I have to say those years where I forget or forgo bulbs in the fall, I sure do regret it in the spring.

For those of us who live in climates with four distinct seasons, one of which is cold and possibly snowy, spring means more than days getting longer and trees budding out. It’s a celebration and rebirth after a period of rest.

What better way to celebrate than with the vibrant colours of tulips, daffodils, Dutch irises, crocuses, and many more cheery flowers? Even better, you don’t need a huge garden to enjoy them because bulbs are perfect for growing in pots .

How to Plant Bulbs in Pots

Planting fall bulbs in containers is no different from planting them in the ground, other than you can really pack in a bunch for a colourful display that can be moved around the garden next spring to fill in bloom voids. Like with other blooms, you will still need proper drainage and depth to ensure they bloom next year.


Start with clean, dry pots (see more below), and mix soil in a fresh container. You can purchase a soil mix formulated with the appropriate water holding, drainage, and air space from a garden center or make your own.


There are a lot of potting soils you can purchase commercially, but I almost always make my own these days . There are a few reasons why. First, I find it to work the best for my flowers. Secondly, I have committed to reducing my usage of things with peat in the ingredients.

Plus, making this peat-free potting soil mix is very easy and economical.


When planting bulbs, you can get quite creative in planning how they will bloom throughout the spring. Think about incorporating colour patterns with two or three complementary hues. Or staggering flowering times with early, mid, and late-season bloomers .

Playing with different heights adds more interest. Here is how to layer bulbs in your container garden.

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